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Multiple Award Winning Author

An Author Like No Other Specializing In Paranormal And Futuristic Romance

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Creativity In Writing

The Beast

The beast, she awakens. She stands over me pacing, demanding, restless. I had finally found my sanctuary, my peace, within this beautiful state where the ocean meets the sky, where the whisper of nature brings me happiness, and the love I had found brings me comfort.  But no, I should have known the calm from the storm would not last forever.  The beast within will not let me rest, but once again she has awakened, found me unaware, and moves me into her restlessness.  Yes, I am captured back into the creation that is she and have no choice but to embark on the next journey that will draw me into the fantasy that is my mind.

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The Sphinx Warriors Series

Incredible warriors who will fight against the enemy to save the world from utter destruction. In their struggle, they will find the women who capture their hearts and inner beasts, and who they will do anything for in order to protect and keep. In joining, their love will be strong and they will survive the greatest of odds to be victorious. 

The Midnight Riders

From the fertile Seven Rivers Region of Kazakhstan in the high pastures of the Altai Mountains lived the Sarmatians. Formed from the Amazons and the Scythians, the nomadic tribes pillaged and destroyed at whim until they earned the wrath of the Sun Goddess who stopped their destructive ways. Her ultimate punishment was giving them a choice to be heartless unseen demons left to forever wander the Earth or lose their mortality, their soul, and love and protect the innocent to possibly earn her forgiveness. These are the stories of the Sarmatian protectors who through the ages have become The Midnight Riders. They fight to protect the innocent against the Scythian demons who have found a way to manifest their presence. Come follow the Midnight Riders and their hopes that one day they will find their true Spirit Heart and be set free.

The Wild Clan Sagas

Powerful stories of forbidden love in a world where emotion no longer drives society but cold hard technology.  Those who are behind the walls of control will choose to escape the hierarchy while those who chose The Wilds long ago continue to elude the controlling entity who is bent on their capture and destruction. The enslaved and the free will find each other in the most dangerous of times. They will defy the rules of BioGen and reclaim the freedom to love.

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